Maine Paranormal Society as a team investigates and researches all accounts of the paranormal from a scientific perspective. We do not believe in the use of seance, Ouija boards, or any other practice that may harm or disclaim paranormal activity. Using the latest scientific technology MPS aims to debunk when possible and document the paranormal when applicable.

If you have experienced a paranormal phenomenon, ghost, spirit, or other worldly contact please contact our case manager. We do not charge for our services and all information will be confidential if asked. We believe in the security and privacy of our clients.

Again investigations are conducted at no cost and we believe in the respect, privacy, and integrity of our clients.

Maine Paranormal Society

We are a proud TAPS Family Member and are the only TAPS affiliated team in the State Of Maine. TAPS stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society.

Maine Paranormal Society is a Taps Family group based out of Southern Maine. We are an experienced group of professionals dedicated to the study and research of paranormal activity. Using the latest in technology and scientific technique to claim or disclaim the possible existence of paranormal phenomenon. We specialize in the possible existence of life after death, haunting, poltergeist activity, spirit communication, residual haunting, and anything that goes bump in the night. We strive to promote further understanding and education of the paranormal to our members and the public.

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